apple has no plans for 27-inch apple silicon imac return

Apple has No Plans for 27-Inch Apple Silicon iMac Return

In a recent turn of events, Apple has solidified its commitment to the 24-inch iMac, confirming that it has no plans to resurrect the 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon. The company, known for its groundbreaking innovations, showcased the upgraded 24-inch iMac at the ‘Scary Fast’ event in October, introducing the latest M3 chipset to its …

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windows 11 surpasses 400 million monthly active devices

Windows 11 Surpasses 400 Million Monthly Active Devices

Microsoft’s Windows 11, introduced in 2021, has reached a milestone, powering over 400 million monthly active devices, according to a recent report by Windows Central. Despite a slower adoption rate compared to its predecessor, Windows 10, the company anticipates hitting 500 million monthly active devices by early 2024. This revelation comes as Windows 11 experiences …

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