Apple's AI-Focused M4 Chips to Overhaul Mac Line

Apple’s AI-focused M4 chips are set to revolutionize the entire Mac line, marking a significant step forward in the integration of artificial intelligence technology. The company, which recently unveiled its M3 chips, is already in the final stages of producing the next-generation M4 processor. The M4 chip lineup will consist of at least three main …

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windows 11 surpasses 400 million monthly active devices

Windows 11 Surpasses 400 Million Monthly Active Devices

Microsoft’s Windows 11, introduced in 2021, has reached a milestone, powering over 400 million monthly active devices, according to a recent report by Windows Central. Despite a slower adoption rate compared to its predecessor, Windows 10, the company anticipates hitting 500 million monthly active devices by early 2024. This revelation comes as Windows 11 experiences …

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Windows 11 Start Menu Ads: How to Turn Them Off for All Users

Eradicate the nuisance of Windows 11 Start menu ads with ease by following these simple steps. Microsoft’s recent update has introduced these ads in the recommended section to promote Microsoft Store apps, but fear not, as disabling them is a straightforward process. Whether you prefer a clean Start menu or simply want to avoid unsolicited …

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apple has no plans for 27-inch apple silicon imac return

Apple has No Plans for 27-Inch Apple Silicon iMac Return

In a recent turn of events, Apple has solidified its commitment to the 24-inch iMac, confirming that it has no plans to resurrect the 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon. The company, known for its groundbreaking innovations, showcased the upgraded 24-inch iMac at the ‘Scary Fast’ event in October, introducing the latest M3 chipset to its …

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