Do Multireddits Still Exist? The Truth Revealed

Multireddits have long been a beloved feature of the Reddit platform, allowing users to group subreddits together based on common interests or themes. These customizable feeds provided a convenient way for users to curate and explore content from various communities within a single interface. However, recent speculations and anecdotes have raised questions about the existence of multireddits. Are they still accessible, or have they quietly disappeared from the Reddit landscape?

In this article, we delve into the truth behind the current state of multireddits. We explore the theories surrounding their demise, examine the experiences of users, and shed light on any changes or adjustments made to this feature in recent times. Join us as we unveil the ultimate truth about the existence of multireddits on the Reddit platform.

Multireddits: A Brief Overview of their History

Multireddits were introduced to the Reddit community in 2013 as a way for users to curate and organize their favorite subreddits into custom feeds. This feature aimed to streamline the browsing experience by allowing users to create personalized collections of subreddits based on specific themes or interests.

Initially, multireddits gained popularity among power users who wanted to efficiently navigate the vast amount of content available on Reddit. These custom feeds allowed users to stay updated on multiple subreddits simultaneously, eliminating the need to visit each one individually.

As multireddits grew in popularity, communities formed around sharing and discovering new multireddits created by others. This created a sense of community and collaboration within the Reddit user base, further enhancing the appeal of this feature.

Over the years, Reddit has made several updates and improvements to multireddits, including the ability to make them public or private, shareable URLs, and the option to follow or clone other users’ multireddits. Despite these advancements, multireddits have faced challenges and misconceptions regarding their existence, which we will explore further in the upcoming sections.

The Decline of Multireddits: Factors and Challenges

The once popular feature of multireddits on Reddit has faced various challenges and experienced a decline in recent years. One major factor contributing to this decline is the lack of updates and improvements by Reddit developers. Users have long requested additional features and customization options for multireddits, but the platform has failed to deliver. As a result, many users have become disenchanted and moved away from multireddits.

Another challenge faced by multireddits is the rise of other content curation options within Reddit. With the introduction of features like Reddit’s own “communities” and the more recent “home feed,” users have started to rely less on multireddits. These alternatives provide similar functionalities, making it easier for users to access a curated feed of specific topics without the complexity of managing multireddits.

Additionally, the lack of proper promotion and education about multireddits has contributed to their decline. Many Reddit users, particularly newcomers, may not be aware of the existence or potential benefits of multireddits. The platform could do a better job at highlighting and explaining this feature to attract new users and retain existing ones.

Despite these challenges, multireddits still have a supportive user base that appreciates their ability to personalize content consumption. Their continued existence is a testament to their usefulness and the dedicated community who actively curate and share multireddit collections. While they may have declined in popularity, multireddits continue to be a valuable tool for those seeking customized content experiences on Reddit.

The Current State of Multireddits: Fact or Fiction?

Multireddits have been a beloved feature on Reddit for years, allowing users to curate multiple subreddits into one customized feed. However, their current state has been a subject of debate among users. Some claim that multireddits are no longer functional, while others argue they are alive and well.

The truth is that multireddits do still exist, and they are fully functional. Despite the shift in Reddit’s design and layout, multireddits remain an essential tool for users who want to streamline their browsing experience. They provide a convenient way to view and engage with content from various subreddits in a single feed.

However, it is worth noting that the visibility and accessibility of multireddits have diminished in recent years. They are no longer prominently featured in Reddit’s interface, making it easy for users to overlook or forget about them. This has led to the misconception that multireddits have disappeared entirely, but they are simply less visible to the average user.

In conclusion, multireddits are still very much a part of Reddit’s functionality. Despite their reduced visibility, they offer a valuable way to personalize content curation and continue to enhance the browsing experience for those who utilize them.

Debunking Misconceptions: The Continued Existence of Multireddits

Despite rumors and speculations, multireddits are very much alive and continue to play a significant role in the Reddit community. In this section, we will debunk common misconceptions surrounding the existence of multireddits and shed light on their continued relevance.

One misconception is that Reddit has removed multireddits altogether. However, this is far from the truth. Multireddits are still an integral part of Reddit and offer users a powerful tool for content curation. They allow users to create personalized collections of subreddits based on specific themes or interests, making it easier to navigate through the vast array of content available on the platform.

Another misconception is that multireddits have become less popular over time. While it is true that other features and functionalities have gained attention, multireddits continue to be utilized and appreciated by a significant portion of the Reddit community. Many users find value in creating and sharing multireddit collections with others who share similar interests, enabling them to discover new content and engage in niche communities.

In conclusion, it is essential to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the existence and relevance of multireddits. They are still an integral part of the Reddit experience, providing users with a dynamic and personalized way to curate and consume content.

Multireddit Alternatives: Exploring Different Options for Content Curation

As the Reddit community evolves, users are constantly seeking new ways to curate and discover content that aligns with their interests. In this pursuit, a number of alternatives to traditional multireddits have emerged, offering users innovative ways to customize their Reddit experience.

One such alternative is Reddit Collections, introduced by Reddit themselves. Collections allows users to group their favorite subreddits together, similar to multireddits, and easily switch between them in a tab-like interface. This feature provides a more streamlined and intuitive way to organize and access curated content.

Another popular option is third-party applications like Apollo for Reddit and Slide for Reddit. These apps offer enhanced content curation capabilities, allowing users to create custom feeds based on their preferred subreddits and keywords. With advanced filters, personalization options, and a more user-friendly interface, these applications provide a more tailored Reddit experience.

Moreover, Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) serves as a browser extension that offers various customization options, including the ability to curate content from different subreddits. While RES does not entirely replicate the functionality of multireddits, it provides a more comprehensive set of tools for content curation within the Reddit platform.

In conclusion, while multireddits are not as prominently featured as they once were, alternatives like Reddit Collections, third-party applications, and browser extensions offer users enhanced ways to curate and explore content on Reddit. As the Reddit community continues to adapt and evolve, these alternatives provide valuable options for those seeking a more personalized and curated Reddit experience.

6. The Future of Multireddits: Adapting and Evolving in the Reddit Community

As the discussion around the existence of multireddits continues to unfold, it is crucial to explore their potential future in the Reddit community. Despite facing challenges and misconceptions, multireddits have the capacity to adapt and evolve to remain a valuable content curation tool.

Firstly, multireddits can continue to thrive by incorporating user feedback. Listening to the community’s needs can help developers refine and enhance the functionality of multireddits. By incorporating features that address common concerns, such as improved organization or easier sharing options, multireddits can become more user-friendly and attract a wider audience.

Secondly, embracing new technological advancements can further solidify the future of multireddits. Innovations like machine learning and artificial intelligence can enable multireddits to offer personalized content recommendations, creating a more tailored browsing experience. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, multireddits can remain relevant and attractive to users.

Lastly, collaboration within the Reddit community can play a crucial role in the future of multireddits. Encouraging moderators and users to share their multireddit collections or best practices can foster a sense of community and inspire others to create compelling content collections. This collective effort can ensure the ongoing relevance of multireddits in sustaining the diverse Reddit ecosystem.

In conclusion, while challenges persist, multireddits have the ability to adapt, evolve and ultimately thrive in the future. By incorporating user feedback, embracing technological advancements, and fostering collaboration, multireddits can continue to serve as a powerful tool for content curation within the Reddit community.



Can I still create multireddits on Reddit?

Yes, Reddit still allows users to create and manage multireddits. They are a great way to organize and follow multiple subreddits on a specific topic all in one place.


How do I create a multireddit?

To create a multireddit, simply navigate to the subreddit sidebar on the left-hand side of the Reddit homepage. Click on the “Create” button under the “MULTIREDDITS” section, and then follow the prompts to add subreddits and customize the multireddit’s name and settings.


What are the benefits of using multireddits?

Multireddits enable users to streamline their Reddit experience by consolidating multiple subreddits into one feed. They allow for better organization, easier navigation, and efficient browsing of content across different topics of interest.


Can I share my multireddit with others?

Yes, you can share your multireddit with others by simply providing them with the URL of your multireddit page. This is a great way to share curated content and collections of subreddits with friends, communities, or even on social media platforms.


Are multireddits available across different platforms?

Yes, multireddits are accessible and can be used on various platforms, including the Reddit website, official mobile apps, and third-party Reddit apps. This allows users to access and manage their multireddits seamlessly across different devices and operating systems.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, after a thorough investigation, it has been revealed that multireddits do indeed still exist on Reddit. Despite rumors and speculation, the truth is clear: users are still able to create and curate their own customized feeds, allowing them to easily navigate different topics and communities within the platform. This feature remains a valuable tool for users who wish to streamline their Reddit experience and engage with specific content that aligns with their interests.

It is important to note that while multireddits are still viable, their presence may not be as prominent as before due to Reddit’s evolving interface and the introduction of new features. However, this does not diminish their usefulness for those seeking a personalized Reddit experience. As the platform continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how multireddits adapt and potentially integrate with other functionalities, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy the benefits of this unique feature.

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