Does AKG K72 Have a Mic? Unveiling the Audio Features of the AKG K72 Headphones

The AKG K72 headphones have gained popularity among audio enthusiasts for their outstanding sound quality and affordability. However, one crucial question that often arises is whether these headphones come with a built-in microphone. In this article, we will delve into the audio features of the AKG K72 headphones and finally uncover the truth about their microphone capabilities.

When it comes to audio equipment, having a microphone can be a game-changer, especially for those who use headphones for communication purposes or recording. The AKG K72 headphones are praised for their ability to deliver exceptional audio performance, but the inclusion of a microphone is a feature that some users consider crucial. To clarify the doubts and put any rumors to rest, we will evaluate the AKG K72 headphones’ audio features in-depth, including a detailed analysis of their microphone capabilities, so you can make an informed decision about these headphones’ suitability for your needs.

1. AKG K72 Headphones: An Overview of Audio Features

The AKG K72 headphones are known for their outstanding audio features, making them a popular choice among music enthusiasts and professionals. These headphones offer an exceptional listening experience with their detailed and accurate sound reproduction.

One of the key features of the AKG K72 headphones is their large 40mm drivers that deliver a powerful and dynamic audio performance. These drivers are designed to reproduce a wide frequency range, ensuring that every nuance of your favorite music is captured with precision.

In addition, the closed-back design of the AKG K72 headphones helps in isolating external noise, allowing you to enjoy your music without any distractions. This is particularly useful when you are listening to music in noisy environments or recording in a studio.

Furthermore, the AKG K72 headphones have a impedance of 32 ohms, making them compatible with a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and audio interfaces.

Overall, the AKG K72 headphones are a great choice for those who prioritize excellent audio quality. With their impressive features and affordable price, these headphones are definitely worth considering for your audio needs.

2. Design and Build: Exploring the Physical Attributes of AKG K72

The design and build of a pair of headphones not only affect their appearance but also play a crucial role in their comfort and durability. When it comes to the AKG K72 headphones, their physical attributes are worth exploring.

The AKG K72 headphones feature a sleek and minimalistic design, with a predominantly black color scheme and silver accents. The ear cups are large and circumaural, meaning they fully cover your ears, providing passive noise isolation. This design choice helps to create an immersive listening experience without any external distractions.

The adjustable headband ensures a secure and comfortable fit for long listening sessions. The ear cups are also generously padded with soft foam, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue. The overall build feels sturdy and durable, making them suitable for both home and professional use.

Additionally, the AKG K72 headphones are lightweight, adding to their overall comfort. They have a detachable cable that ends in a 3.5mm audio jack, allowing easy replacement if necessary. The cable is also sufficiently long for flexible movement while listening.

In conclusion, the AKG K72 headphones boast a well-designed and durable build, with attention to comfort and functionality. Their impressive physical attributes make them a reliable choice for audiophiles and professionals alike.

Sound Quality: Evaluating AKG K72’s Audio Performance

The sound quality of any headphones is a crucial factor to consider before making a purchase, and the AKG K72 headphones do not disappoint in this aspect.

The AKG K72 headphones deliver outstanding audio performance, providing a truly immersive and enjoyable listening experience. With a frequency response range of 16Hz to 20kHz, these headphones ensure that every detail and nuance of the music is reproduced accurately. Whether you prefer listening to bass-heavy tracks or more delicate classical compositions, the AKG K72 headphones deliver a balanced and well-rounded sound signature.

The closed-back design of the AKG K72 helps to isolate external noise, allowing for better focus and concentration on the music. This is particularly useful for musicians and audio professionals who require accurate sound reproduction for their work.

The 40mm drivers in the AKG K72 headphones produce clear and defined audio with a good amount of depth and clarity. The soundstage is wide, offering a spacious listening experience, making you feel like you’re in the center of the music.

In conclusion, the AKG K72 headphones excel in their sound quality, providing a rich and immersive audio experience suitable for both casual music listening and professional use.

The Role of a Microphone: Does AKG K72 Include a Built-in Mic?

The AKG K72 headphones are popular among music enthusiasts and professional audio users for their exceptional sound quality and comfortable design. However, when it comes to the inclusion of a built-in microphone, the AKG K72 falls short.

Despite their numerous audio features, the AKG K72 headphones do not have a built-in microphone. This means that they cannot be used for voice calls, online gaming, or any other task that requires a microphone.

While this may disappoint some users who expect a microphone as a standard feature in headphones, it is worth noting that the AKG K72 headphones are primarily designed for studio monitoring and music production purposes. In this context, a built-in microphone is not a necessity, as external microphones are commonly used for such activities.

If you require a microphone for your audio needs, there are various alternatives available. You can easily connect an external microphone to your device while using the AKG K72 headphones. This setup allows you to enjoy the exceptional sound quality of the headphones while having the convenience of a dedicated microphone for your specific requirements.

In conclusion, the AKG K72 headphones do not include a built-in microphone, but this should not deter audiophiles and music producers from considering them. Despite this limitation, the headphones excel in terms of sound quality and comfort, making them a solid choice for those in search of an immersive audio experience.

Mic Alternatives: How to Use AKG K72 with an External Microphone

The AKG K72 headphones do not come with a built-in microphone. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use them for audio recordings or voice communication. In fact, the absence of a built-in mic allows for greater flexibility in choosing an external microphone that best suits your needs.

To use the AKG K72 headphones with an external microphone, you will need to connect the headphones to a compatible audio interface or a microphone preamp. These devices act as intermediaries between the headphones and the microphone, allowing you to route your microphone’s signal through the headphones for monitoring.

When choosing an external microphone, consider your specific use case. If you require a microphone for vocal recordings, a condenser microphone with a pop filter might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you need a microphone for gaming or voice chat purposes, a dynamic microphone could be more suitable.

Connecting the AKG K72 headphones to an external microphone is relatively straightforward. Simply plug the headphones into the audio interface or microphone preamp using the provided cable, adjust the volume levels accordingly, and you’re ready to go.

By using an external microphone with the AKG K72 headphones, you can achieve professional-quality audio recordings or enjoy crystal-clear communication during gaming sessions or conference calls. The versatility offered by this setup makes the absence of a built-in microphone a minor inconvenience rather than a significant drawback.

Final Verdict: Considering the Audio Features of AKG K72 Headphones

The AKG K72 headphones are an exceptional choice for audio enthusiasts on a budget who prioritize sound quality and comfort. With their closed-back, over-ear design, these headphones provide excellent noise isolation, allowing users to indulge in an immersive audio experience without any disturbances from the surrounding environment.

The audio performance of the AKG K72 headphones is impressive, offering a well-balanced and accurate sound reproduction across different genres. The headphones deliver a detailed and clear sound, with precise instrument separation and a wide soundstage that enhances the overall listening experience.

While the AKG K72 headphones do not include a built-in microphone, they can easily be paired with an external microphone for gaming, conference calls, or recording purposes. This versatility makes them a versatile option for various audio needs.

In terms of comfort, the AKG K72 headphones are designed with plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit even during long listening sessions. Moreover, the lightweight design of these headphones makes them easy to carry around and suitable for extended use.

Overall, the AKG K72 headphones deliver exceptional audio performance, comfort, and versatility at an affordable price point, making them a recommended choice for both casual listeners and professionals alike.


1. Does the AKG K72 headphones come with an in-built microphone?

No, the AKG K72 headphones do not have an in-built microphone. They are designed solely for audio playback purposes.

2. Can I use the AKG K72 headphones for making phone calls or voice chats?

Since the AKG K72 headphones lack a built-in microphone, they are not suitable for making phone calls or engaging in voice chats. You would need to rely on a separate microphone for such purposes.

3. Are there any options to connect an external microphone to the AKG K72 headphones?

Yes, the AKG K72 headphones feature a standard 3.5mm audio jack that can be used to connect an external microphone, allowing you to utilize a separate mic while using the headphones.

4. Can the AKG K72 headphones be used with gaming consoles or other audio devices?

Absolutely! The AKG K72 headphones come with a universal 3.5mm audio jack, which makes them compatible with a wide range of audio devices, including gaming consoles, smartphones, computers, and more.

5. Is the absence of a microphone a disadvantage for the AKG K72 headphones?

While the lack of an in-built microphone might be seen as a disadvantage for those needing a headset primarily for communication purposes, the AKG K72 headphones excel in providing superior audio quality, making them an excellent choice for music enthusiasts and professionals seeking top-notch sound reproduction.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the AKG K72 headphones do not have a built-in microphone. While these headphones excel in audio quality and comfort, they lack the convenience of a microphone for tasks such as making phone calls or voice chatting during gaming sessions. This may be a drawback for those who frequently use headphones for communication purposes and prefer an all-in-one solution.

However, it is important to note that the lack of a microphone does not diminish the overall excellence of the AKG K72 headphones when it comes to audio playback. With their accurate sound reproduction and comfortable design, these headphones are still an excellent choice for those who prioritize audio quality and comfort above all else. Ultimately, the decision of whether the AKG K72 is suitable for an individual depends on their specific usage needs and preferences.

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