How Do You Get Decorations in MHW? A Guide to Unlocking Awesome Decor for Your Hunts!

In the world of Monster Hunter: World, having the right decorations can make all the difference in your hunts. These invaluable items can enhance your armor and weapons, giving you a competitive edge against the toughest of creatures. But how exactly can you get your hands on these coveted decorations? In this guide, we will explore various ways to unlock and obtain these awesome decor items, ensuring that you are well-prepared for any hunt that comes your way.

Understanding The Importance Of Decorations In MHW

Decorations play a crucial role in Monster Hunter World (MHW) as they significantly enhance your hunting capabilities. These small gems can be slotted into your weapons and armor to grant you various skills and abilities, allowing you to customize your loadout and optimize your playstyle.

With the right decorations, you can boost your attack power, improve your defense, increase elemental damage, or even gain additional survival skills like health regeneration or stun resistance. They essentially serve as a way to tailor your equipment to suit your needs and preferences, giving you an edge in challenging hunts.

Understanding the importance of decorations is essential because they can make a significant difference in your overall performance. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter aiming to take on the toughest monsters or a beginner looking to improve your hunting skills, acquiring and utilizing decorations effectively will greatly enhance your hunting experience in MHW.

Exploring Ways To Acquire Decorations In The Game

Decorations play a crucial role in enhancing your gameplay experience in Monster Hunter World. They can provide various bonuses to your weapons and armor, giving you an edge in hunts. Understanding how to acquire decorations is essential for maximizing your potential in the game.

There are several ways to obtain decorations in MHW. One of the most common methods is by completing high-rank quests and investigations. These quests often reward players with decorations as part of their loot pool. By undertaking challenging hunts and investigations, you have a chance to obtain rare and powerful decorations that can significantly augment your gear.

Another method is by utilizing the Steamworks and the VIP Gratitude Ticket. The Steamworks feature allows players to use fuel obtained during hunts to generate decorations. With luck and perseverance, you can obtain coveted decorations through this mechanism. Additionally, VIP Gratitude Tickets, which are obtained by completing daily bounties, can be redeemed for decorations at the Elder Melder.

Overall, acquiring decorations in MHW requires a combination of skill, patience, and a bit of luck. By exploring various avenues such as high-rank quests, investigations, the Steamworks, and utilizing VIP Gratitude Tickets, you can unlock an impressive array of decorations to enhance your hunts and become the ultimate monster slayer.

Farming Decorations Through High-rank Quests And Investigations

In Monster Hunter World, high-rank quests and investigations play a crucial role in obtaining decorations for your hunts. These quests are more challenging, but they offer better rewards, including rare and valuable decorations.

To start farming decorations through high-rank quests, you need to progress through the main story campaign and reach the high-rank rank. Once you’ve achieved this, you can take on high-rank quests that have a higher chance of dropping decorations. These quests can range from hunting specific monsters to completing special challenges.

Investigations are another excellent way to farm decorations. These are special quests that can be obtained by collecting tracks and traces of monsters during expeditions or regular hunts. Investigations often have bonus rewards, such as extra decorations, making them an efficient method of farming.

To increase your chances of obtaining decorations, focus on completing investigations with silver and gold reward boxes, as these have a higher likelihood of containing valuable decorations. Additionally, consider targeting specific monsters known for dropping decorations, such as Elder Dragons or tempered monsters.

By undertaking high-rank quests and investigations, you can steadily amass a collection of decorations to enhance your hunting experience in Monster Hunter World. So gear up, sharpen your weapons, and venture into the world of high-rank hunts to unlock awesome decor for your adventures.

Utilizing The Steamworks And The VIP Gratitude Ticket For Decorations

Decorations play a vital role in enhancing your hunting experience in Monster Hunter World. They provide additional skills and perks that can significantly improve your chances of success in hunts. While there are various methods to acquire decorations, one particularly effective technique is utilizing the Steamworks and the VIP Gratitude Ticket.

The Steamworks is a feature introduced in the Iceborne expansion that allows players to earn various resources, including decorations. By inputting fuel into the Steamworks machine and participating in the minigame, you can earn a chance to obtain decorations as one of the rewards. The VIP Gratitude Ticket is a special ticket that can be obtained from the Steamworks during special events or festivals.

These VIP Gratitude Tickets can be exchanged at the Elder Melder for a selection of high-level decorations, giving you access to some of the most potent skills in the game. Make sure to keep an eye out for events or festivals where the Steamworks offer increased rewards, as this will grant you a higher chance of obtaining valuable decorations.

By utilizing the Steamworks and the VIP Gratitude Tickets, you can greatly enhance your collection of decorations and unlock powerful skills to aid you in your hunts. Don’t miss out on utilizing this method to bolster your arsenal and increase your chances of success in Monster Hunter World!

Unlocking Decorative Rewards Through Event Quests And Collaboration Events

Event quests and collaboration events in Monster Hunter World (MHW) offer exciting opportunities to unlock a wide range of decorative rewards. These limited-time events introduce special quests that reward players with unique decorations not found in regular gameplay.

Event quests often have specific objectives or special conditions that make them challenging and memorable. By participating in these quests, players not only engage in thrilling battles, but they can also earn exclusive decorations as rewards. Collaborative events, which are often held in partnership with other franchises, bring additional themed quests and decorations based on the collaborated content.

To access event quests and collaboration events, players need to periodically check the official MHW website or in-game event calendar. These quests are time-limited, meaning that they are only available for a certain period. Players should take advantage of these opportunities to obtain rare and highly sought-after decorations.

Participating in event quests and collaboration events not only enhances aesthetic appeal by allowing players to customize their armor sets and weapons, but it also adds a layer of exclusivity and pride to their achievements in the game. So keep an eye out for these special events and unlock awesome decorations for your hunts in MHW.

Strategies For Farming Elders Melder Tickets And Melding Decorations

Elders Melder Tickets are valuable items that allow players to meld decorations at the Elder Melder in Astera. These tickets can be obtained through various means in Monster Hunter World. One effective strategy for farming Elders Melder Tickets is to complete high-level tempered investigations. These investigations have a higher chance of rewarding players with these tickets upon completion.

When undertaking tempered investigations, it is crucial to focus on hunts that target tempered elder dragons. These quests have a higher chance of dropping Elders Melder Tickets compared to other tempered monster hunts. Additionally, participating in limited-time event quests that specifically reward these tickets can also increase your chances.

Once you have collected a sufficient number of Elders Melder Tickets, head to the Elder Melder in Astera. Here, you can use the tickets to meld decorations. The decorations available for melding may vary depending on the ticket used, so it is essential to check the available options before proceeding.

By utilizing these strategies and farming Elders Melder Tickets, you can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining the decorations you need to improve your hunting prowess in Monster Hunter World.

Enhancing Your Chances With Investigations And Tempered Monster Hunts

When it comes to obtaining decorations in Monster Hunter World, investigations and tempered monster hunts are your best friends. These activities not only provide valuable resources and materials but also offer a higher chance of obtaining rare and powerful decorations.

Investigations are special quests that offer increased rewards and have specific conditions, such as hunting a certain number of monsters within a time limit. These quests often reward players with special investigation rewards, which can include valuable decorations. Focus on completing investigations that have a high chance of providing decorations and prioritize those with gold and silver rewards.

Tempered monster hunts, on the other hand, involve hunting monsters that have been infused with tempered energy. These monsters are known to drop rare and powerful decorations. By focusing on tempered monsters, you increase your chances of obtaining the most sought-after decorations in the game.

To enhance your chances of success in investigations and tempered monster hunts, make sure to gear up with powerful weapons and armor, and utilize tactics that exploit the monsters’ weaknesses. Additionally, participating in multiplayer hunts with a coordinated team can significantly improve your chances of success.

By dedicating time and effort to investigations and tempered monster hunts, you can greatly enhance your chances of obtaining the decorations you need to customize your hunter and excel in your hunts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I obtain decorations in Monster Hunter World?

To obtain decorations in MHW, you need to participate in High Rank quests and complete them successfully. These quests can include tempered monster hunts, event quests, or investigations. By earning rewards from these quests, you may have a chance to receive decorations as part of your loot.

2. Are there any specific monsters or quests that increase the chances of obtaining rare decorations?

Yes, certain monsters and quests have higher chances of dropping rare decorations. For example, investigations involving tempered elder dragons usually have an increased drop rate for high-tier decorations. Additionally, special event quests often offer unique decorations as rewards, so participating in those can also increase your chances of obtaining rare decor.

3. Can I farm decorations in Monster Hunter World?

Yes, you can farm decorations by repeatedly completing specific quests or investigations known for their high decoration drop rates. This method, commonly referred to as “decoration farming,” allows you to focus on obtaining specific decorations by repeatedly attempting the same quests that offer a high chance of dropping them.

4. Are there any other methods to acquire decorations besides quests and investigations?

Yes, besides quests and investigations, you can also obtain decorations by participating in the Steamworks minigame in the Gathering Hub. By using the steam obtained from the Steamworks, you have a chance to win Steam Tickets, which can be exchanged for specific decorations at the Elder Melder. This provides another avenue for acquiring different decor options.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, acquiring decorations in Monster Hunter World is essential for enhancing your hunting abilities and customizing your playstyle. By participating in various activities such as completing quests, event quests, and investigations, as well as by engaging in tempered monster hunts and utilizing the melding system, players can unlock and obtain a wide range of powerful and unique decorations. These decorations grant valuable skill bonuses and greatly contribute to the success and enjoyment of your hunts. So, get out there, embark on thrilling adventures, and collect those awesome decorations to truly become a master hunter!

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