How to Obtain Tsukino in Monster Hunters Rise: A Step-by-Step Guide

Monster Hunter Rise is a captivating and immersive game that allows players to embark on thrilling hunts and battles against formidable creatures. One such creature, Tsukino, is a rare and powerful monster that many players strive to obtain. Assembling a team of skilled hunters and carefully strategizing your approach is key to successfully defeating Tsukino and claiming its rewards. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of obtaining Tsukino in Monster Hunter Rise, providing invaluable tips and tactics along the way.

First and foremost, it is important to note that Tsukino is an elusive monster that only appears during specific conditions and in certain areas of the game. To begin your quest for Tsukino, you must first complete a series of prerequisite missions and reach a certain Hunter Rank. Additionally, you may need to unlock specific locations and gather the necessary resources to enhance your chances of encountering this rare creature. With our comprehensive guide, you will have all the information you need to track down and ultimately defeat Tsukino, earning prestigious rewards and progressing further in your Monster Hunter Rise journey.

Understanding Tsukino: Introduction and Background

Tsukino is a formidable and elusive monster that players can encounter in Monster Hunters Rise. Known for its swift movements and deadly attacks, Tsukino poses a significant challenge for hunters. This subheading provides an introduction to Tsukino and offers background information about the monster.

In the world of Monster Hunters Rise, Tsukino is a rare creature that resides deep within the Kamura Village. It is renowned for its moonlit scales that shimmer with a captivating glow. These scales are highly sought after by hunters due to their exceptional durability and enchanting beauty. However, Tsukino’s habitat is treacherous and inhospitable, making it a difficult monster to locate and engage in battle.

As hunters embark on the journey to obtain Tsukino, it is crucial to understand the creature’s behavior patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. Tsukino relies on lightning-fast movements and powerful tail swipes to fend off attackers. Its powerful armor and elemental attacks can be daunting for even the most experienced hunters. Therefore, hunters must strategize and approach the battle with caution.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of obtaining Tsukino by building reputation with the Kamura Hunters’ Guild, unlocking Tsukino’s questline, completing quests and favors, obtaining rare materials for Tsukino’s armor and weapons, and mastering Tsukino’s hunting techniques and strategies. By following these steps, you will be well-equipped to face Tsukino and emerge victorious in your hunt.

Step 1: Building Reputation with the Kamura Hunters’ Guild

To begin your journey towards obtaining Tsukino in Monster Hunters Rise, it is crucial to establish a strong reputation with the Kamura Hunters’ Guild. This step is essential as it unlocks various resources, quests, and opportunities necessary for accessing Tsukino’s content.

Start by taking on various quests and assignments offered by the guild. These tasks range from gathering resources and hunting monsters to aiding villagers and defending the Kamura Village. By successfully completing these quests, you will earn Guild Points and gradually increase your reputation within the guild.

To further build your reputation, make sure to maintain positive relations with the villagers of Kamura. Engage in conversations, offer assistance when needed, and participate in village events. By doing so, you will not only gain valuable insights into the world of Monster Hunters but also strengthen your ties with the villagers, including the influential figures who hold influence over Tsukino’s quests.

Remember that building reputation takes time and commitment. Remain patient and dedicated, and soon you will unlock Tsukino’s questline, setting the stage for your exciting adventures with this formidable hunter.

Step 2: Unlocking Tsukino’s Questline

After you have built a strong reputation with the Kamura Hunters’ Guild, it’s time to unlock Tsukino’s questline. This step is crucial as it will allow you to access all the exclusive content and rewards that Tsukino has to offer.

To unlock Tsukino’s questline, you need to reach Hunter Rank 4. This can be achieved by completing various quests and hunts assigned by the Kamura Hunters’ Guild. As you progress through the ranks, you will gain access to more challenging quests that will test your skills and prepare you for the encounters with Tsukino.

Once you have reached Hunter Rank 4, visit the village elder in Kamura Village. He will provide you with a special quest that will introduce you to Tsukino and start your journey with him. This quest will usually involve tracking down a specific monster or gathering rare materials.

Completing this initial quest will unlock a series of subsequent quests that will delve deeper into Tsukino’s story and provide opportunities to earn unique rewards. Make sure to pay attention to the dialogue and cutscenes during these quests as they will reveal more about Tsukino’s background and motivations.

With the questline unlocked, you are now ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Tsukino, discovering his strengths, weaknesses, and the secrets that lie within the Monster Hunters Rise universe. So gear up, sharpen your weapons, and get ready for an epic journey alongside Tsukino!

Step 3: Completing Tsukino’s Quests and Favors

Completing Tsukino’s quests and favors is a crucial step in obtaining Tsukino in Monster Hunters Rise. Once you have unlocked Tsukino’s questline, you will need to complete a series of challenging quests and favors to earn her trust and progress further.

Tsukino’s quests will test your hunting skills to the limit. Be prepared to take on powerful monsters and overcome intense battles. Each quest will have specific objectives that you must complete within a given time limit. Make sure to study the monster’s weaknesses, create effective strategies, and utilize your arsenal of weapons and items to your advantage.

Additionally, Tsukino will also need your assistance with various favors. These favors may range from gathering rare materials to capturing specific monsters or even assisting her with research. By completing these favors, you not only earn Tsukino’s gratitude but also unlock new rewards, such as special armor pieces or weapon upgrades, that are crucial for progressing further in her questline.

Remember, mastering Tsukino’s quests and favors requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of the game mechanics. But with determination and perseverance, you will gradually earn Tsukino’s respect and unlock the path to obtaining her in Monster Hunters Rise.

Step 4: Obtaining Rare Materials for Tsukino’s Armor and Weapons

Obtaining rare materials for Tsukino’s armor and weapons is crucial for maximizing your hunting potential in Monster Hunters Rise. Tsukino’s gear offers unique bonuses and abilities that can greatly enhance your performance on the battlefield. To obtain these materials, follow the steps below:

1. Research and Identify Target Monsters: Begin by researching and identifying the specific monsters that drop the rare materials needed for Tsukino’s gear. Each monster has its own unique set of materials, so it’s essential to know what you’re looking for.

2. Investigate High-Rank Quests: Rare materials are more likely to drop in high-rank quests. Focus on completing high-rank quests and investigations to increase your chances of obtaining the desired materials.

3. Utilize Investigation and Expedition Rewards: Take advantage of investigation and expedition rewards. These quests often provide additional rewards and have a higher chance of dropping rare materials.

4. Break Monster Parts: Focus your attacks on specific monster body parts to increase the chances of obtaining rare materials. Breaking parts such as horns, wings, or tails can yield valuable rewards.

5. Craft Specific Tools and Equipment: Craft specific tools and equipment that aid in material collection. Tools such as the Great Wirebug or Palamute’s Gathering skill can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining rare materials.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining the rare materials necessary for crafting Tsukino’s armor and weapons. Remember to prioritize high-rank quests, break monster parts, and utilize the appropriate tools to optimize your chances of success. Happy hunting!

Step 5: Mastering Tsukino’s Hunting Techniques and Strategies

Mastering Tsukino’s hunting techniques and strategies is crucial for success in Monster Hunters Rise. Tsukino is a formidable monster with unique abilities and attack patterns, so it’s important to understand how to effectively counter her moves and maximize your chances of victory.

To begin, familiarize yourself with Tsukino’s different attack types. She is known for her lightning-fast speed and agility, often launching quick and devastating combos. Learning to anticipate her movements and dodge or block accordingly is essential.

Next, leverage Tsukino’s elemental weaknesses. She is vulnerable to certain elements, such as water and ice. Equipping weapons and armor with these elements will give you a significant advantage during battles. Be sure to stock up on the necessary materials to craft or upgrade these items.

Additionally, study Tsukino’s behavior and patterns. Understanding her tendencies will allow you to predict her actions and exploit openings for counterattacks. Pay attention to her cues and learn to read her body language. This knowledge will help you plan your moves and respond quickly and effectively.

Finally, practice and refine your skills through consistent hunting and experimentation. Tsukino may prove challenging at first, but with perseverance, you will gradually develop your own strategies and techniques. Collaborating with fellow hunters or seeking advice from experienced players can also enhance your understanding and proficiency.

By mastering Tsukino’s hunting techniques and strategies, you will increase your chances of defeating her and obtaining the highly sought-after rewards she offers. Good luck, brave hunter!


1. How do I start the process of obtaining Tsukino in Monster Hunters Rise?

To begin the quest for Tsukino, you need to reach Hunter Rank 7 and complete the Urgent Quest “The Evening Star.” Once completed, you can search for the quest giver, Hinoa, in the Kamura Village.

2. Where can I find the quest giver, Hinoa, in Kamura Village?

After reaching Hunter Rank 7 and completing “The Evening Star” urgent quest, Hinoa can be found in the Gathering Hub. When you enter the building, head towards the back and look for a small table with a blue flag. Hinoa will be standing nearby.

3. What are the requirements to complete the Tsukino quest in Monster Hunters Rise?

To complete the Tsukino quest, you will need to gather certain materials. The necessary items include 1x Ascendant Spiritvein Bone, 1x Moonlit Mushroom, and 1x Nebula Crystal. Make sure to stock up on these before taking on the quest.

4. Can I obtain Tsukino by hunting a specific monster?

Tsukino cannot be obtained by hunting a specific monster. Instead, you need to complete the Tsukino quest, which involves gathering the required items and fulfilling specific objectives. The quest will take you on a journey through various locations and challenges within the game.

5. Are there any recommended armor or weapons for the Tsukino quest?

While there are no specific armor or weapon requirements for the Tsukino quest, it is advisable to equip yourself with gear that suits your playstyle and offers adequate defense. As the quest involves various battles and challenging encounters, having upgraded equipment and skills will greatly assist you in your journey to obtain Tsukino.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, obtaining Tsukino in Monster Hunters Rise requires players to complete a series of steps and quests. Firstly, players must reach HR 50 and unlock the Elder Dragons Hub Quests. From there, they should complete the Narwa the Allmother Urgent Quest to unlock the special request Quest from Fugen the Elder. This request involves players hunting High Rank Ibushi and Narwa, which are formidable challenges. Finally, after completing these quests, players can obtain Tsukino, a powerful and visually stunning dual blade, by speaking to Minoto in Kamura Village.

Overall, the process of obtaining Tsukino may be time-consuming and challenging, but the reward is well worth the effort. This dual blade provides players with a formidable weapon for future hunts and showcases the dedication and skill required to conquer difficult quests. With its impressive design and high attack stats, Tsukino is a must-have weapon for any Monster Hunters Rise player looking to enhance their arsenal. So, follow this step-by-step guide to obtain Tsukino and add it to your collection of powerful weapons to dominate the world of Monster Hunters Rise.

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