How to Easily Move Pictures in Evernote: A Step-by-Step Guide

Evernote is a popular note-taking app that allows users to capture and organize various types of content, including pictures. Whether you’re looking to rearrange images within a note or move them to a different notebook, knowing how to easily move pictures in Evernote can enhance your organization and productivity. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process, ensuring you can effortlessly manage and arrange your visual files within Evernote.

Choosing The Right Device And App For Picture Management In Evernote

Choosing the right device and app for picture management in Evernote is crucial for a seamless experience. Before diving into the process, it’s important to ensure you have a device that meets your needs. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer, make sure it has sufficient storage and a high-quality camera to capture and manage your pictures effectively.

Next, select the Evernote app for your device. Evernote offers apps across various platforms, including iOS, Android, and desktop. Choose the app that is compatible with your device and user-friendly for your needs.

Consider the features offered by different Evernote apps. Look for functionalities such as easy picture uploading, organizing options, tagging capabilities, and efficient search functions. These features will help streamline the process of managing and moving pictures in Evernote.

By selecting the right device and app, you lay the foundation for hassle-free picture management in Evernote. So, ensure compatibility, user-friendly interface, and necessary features for a smooth experience.

Step 1: Uploading And Organizing Pictures In Evernote

When it comes to managing pictures in Evernote, the first step is uploading and organizing them effectively. Uploading pictures in Evernote is a simple process. You can either open the Evernote app on your preferred device or access Evernote through your web browser. Once you’re in Evernote, click on the “+” button to create a new note. From there, you can either drag and drop the pictures directly into the note or use the “Attach” button to manually select the pictures from your device.

To organize the pictures within Evernote, you can create notebooks specifically for picture management. Simply click on the notebook icon to create a new notebook and give it an appropriate name. You can then drag and drop the pictures into the respective notebooks for better organization. Additionally, you have the option to add tags to your pictures to make them easier to find in the future. Tags act as keywords, allowing you to search for pictures based on specific criteria.

By following these steps, you can easily upload and organize your pictures in Evernote, making it a breeze to locate and manage them.

Step 2: Moving Pictures Within Evernote Using Drag And Drop

Moving pictures within Evernote is a breeze with the drag and drop feature. Follow these simple steps to easily reorganize your pictures:

1. Open your Evernote app and navigate to the notebook containing the pictures you want to move.

2. Select the pictures you want to move by clicking and dragging your cursor over them. You can also use the Shift or Command key to select multiple pictures.

3. Once selected, click and hold on any of the selected pictures, then drag them to the desired location within the notebook or to a different notebook altogether.

4. As you drag the pictures, you’ll notice a blue line that indicates where the pictures will be placed. Release your mouse or trackpad to drop the pictures in that spot.

5. If you’re moving the pictures to a different notebook, simply drag them to the notebook tab on the left side of the screen, and Evernote will automatically switch to that notebook.

6. To rearrange the order of pictures within a note, click and hold on a picture, then drag it up or down the note until you reach the desired position.

By using the drag and drop feature, you can easily move and rearrange pictures within Evernote, making it a simple and efficient way to organize your visual content.


Step 3: Utilizing Evernote’s Tags and Notebooks for Efficient Picture Sorting

In this step, we will explore how to harness the power of Evernote’s tags and notebooks to efficiently sort your pictures. Tags and notebooks are organizational tools that help you categorize and find your pictures easily.

To start, create relevant notebooks based on the categories you want to organize your pictures into. For example, you could have separate notebooks for personal, work, travel, or hobbies.

Once you have your notebooks set up, you can further refine your organization by adding tags to your pictures. Tags are keywords or labels that can be assigned to your pictures, making them easily searchable.

To add tags to a picture, simply open the picture in Evernote and click on the “Tags” icon. Add relevant tags to describe the content of the picture, such as location, people, or event.

Now, when you want to find a specific picture, you can either browse through the appropriate notebook or use the search bar to look for specific tags. This will save you valuable time and effort when locating a particular picture.

By leveraging Evernote’s tags and notebooks, you can efficiently sort and manage your pictures, ensuring easy access and organization for all your visual content.

Step 4: Renaming And Adding Descriptions To Pictures In Evernote

When it comes to organizing your pictures in Evernote, renaming and adding descriptions can make a significant difference. Renaming your pictures helps provide clarity and allows for easy identification. Adding descriptions, on the other hand, adds context and enhances search capabilities within Evernote.

To rename a picture in Evernote, simply locate the image you want to rename, right-click on it, and select the “Rename” option. Enter a descriptive name that accurately represents the content of the picture.

To add a description to a picture in Evernote, open the note containing the image and position your cursor below the picture. Type in a detailed description, including any information you consider important. This will serve as metadata, making it easier to search for specific images based on the content described in the note.

By taking the time to rename and add descriptions to your pictures in Evernote, you can effectively streamline your picture management process and ensure that you can quickly find and access the images you need.

Step 5: Exporting Pictures From Evernote To Other Devices Or Applications

Once you have organized your pictures in Evernote, you may want to export them to other devices or applications for various purposes. Evernote allows you to easily export pictures in a few simple steps.

To export pictures from Evernote to another device, start by selecting the picture(s) you want to export. You can do this by holding down the Ctrl key (or Command key on Mac) and clicking on each picture. If you want to select multiple pictures at once, you can also click and drag the cursor to create a selection box.

Once you have selected the pictures, right-click on any of the selected pictures and choose the “Save attachments” option. This will save the selected pictures to your preferred location on your device.

To export pictures from Evernote to another application, such as a photo editing software, start by selecting the picture(s) you want to export. Then, right-click on any of the selected pictures and choose the “Save as” option. This will allow you to save the picture(s) to a specific location on your device. Once saved, you can open the pictures with the desired application.

By following these simple steps, you can easily export pictures from Evernote to other devices or applications, allowing you to further utilize and enhance your visual content.

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Managing And Moving Pictures In Evernote

In this section, we will explore advanced techniques to enhance your picture management experience in Evernote.

One useful tip is to use the Evernote Web Clipper extension, available for various browsers, to capture pictures directly from websites and save them to your Evernote account. With the Web Clipper, you can select the desired picture, choose the notebook and add relevant tags, all within a few clicks.

Another helpful trick is to utilize Evernote’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. This allows you to search for text within pictures, which can be especially handy when you have a large collection of images. By simply typing a keyword related to the content in the picture, Evernote will identify and display any relevant pictures containing that text.

Additionally, you can integrate Evernote with other apps and services. For instance, by connecting your Evernote account with IFTTT (If This Then That), you can automate actions like saving certain types of pictures to specified notebooks or sending them to other cloud storage platforms.

By exploring these advanced tips, you can optimize your picture management workflow in Evernote, saving time and effort while keeping your images organized and easily accessible.


1. How do I move pictures within Evernote?

To move pictures in Evernote, first open the note containing the picture. Then, click and hold the picture you want to move, drag it to the desired location within the note, and release the mouse button. The picture will be moved to the new position.

2. Can I move pictures between different notes in Evernote?

Yes, you can move pictures between different notes in Evernote. To do so, open the note containing the picture you want to move, click and hold the picture, and drag it to the desired note in the sidebar. Release the mouse button to drop the picture into the new note.

3. Is it possible to rearrange the order of pictures within a note in Evernote?

Absolutely! Evernote allows you to easily rearrange the order of pictures within a note. Simply click and hold the picture you wish to relocate, then drag it to the desired position within the note. Release the mouse button to place the picture in its new order.

4. Can I move pictures in Evernote using the mobile app?

Yes, you can move pictures in Evernote using the mobile app. Open the note containing the picture, tap and hold the picture, and then drag it to the desired location within the note. Release your finger to complete the movement. Similarly, you can also move pictures between different notes on the mobile app by dragging and dropping them into the desired note.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, moving pictures in Evernote is a simple process that can be easily done with just a few steps. By following this step-by-step guide, users can efficiently organize and relocate their images within Evernote to enhance their note-taking and productivity. Whether it’s sorting pictures into specific notebooks or rearranging them within a note, Evernote’s user-friendly interface allows for seamless picture management, making it a valuable tool for individuals seeking to streamline their digital documentation.

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