How Do You Play with Friends on Empyrion: A Comprehensive Guide

Empyrion: Galactic Survival is an immersive sandbox game that allows players to explore, build, and survive in a vast procedurally generated universe. While solo play is captivating, the game truly comes alive when you team up with friends for epic adventures. However, figuring out how to play with friends in Empyrion can be a bit confusing at first. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps and options available to seamlessly connect with your friends and embark on a thrilling multiplayer experience in Empyrion.

Understanding The Multiplayer Modes In Empyrion

Empyrion offers a variety of multiplayer modes that allow players to collaborate, compete, or explore together in the same game world. Before diving into multiplayer gameplay, it is essential to understand the different modes available.

The first multiplayer mode is Cooperative, where players join forces to survive and thrive in Empyrion’s vast universe. In this mode, players can work together to build bases, gather resources, and explore new planets while sharing the same objectives and resources.

Alternatively, there is the PvP mode, which caters to competitive players seeking more intense gameplay. PvP events and combat scenarios provide an opportunity for players to demonstrate their combat skills and engage in exciting battles against each other.

Additionally, Empyrion offers a Scenario mode, which allows players to participate in pre-designed missions or custom scenarios created by the community. It provides endless possibilities for players to engage in diverse cooperative or competitive gameplay experiences.

Understanding these multiplayer modes will ensure that you choose the gameplay style that aligns with your preferences, allowing for a more enjoyable experience playing with friends in Empyrion.

Creating A Multiplayer Game Session

Creating a multiplayer game session in Empyrion is a straightforward process that allows you to play with your friends and enjoy the game together. To start, launch the game and select the “New Game” option from the main menu. Then, choose the game mode you prefer, such as Survival or Creative.

Next, you will need to configure the multiplayer settings. Set the number of maximum players for your session, adjust the password settings if desired, and choose whether you want to enable player-vs-player combat. Make sure to select the option that allows friends to join your session.

Once you’ve configured the settings, click on “Start New Game” to begin your multiplayer session. Your friends can now join your game by either searching for it in the server list or by directly connecting through the IP address if you have provided it to them.

Remember to communicate the session details to your friends, such as the server name or IP address and password if applicable. With a successfully created multiplayer game session in Empyrion, you and your friends can embark on exciting adventures and explore the game’s vast universe together.

Inviting And Joining Friends In Empyrion

In Empyrion, playing with friends is an exciting way to explore the vast universe together. To invite and join friends in Empyrion, follow these easy steps:

Firstly, ensure that all players have a stable internet connection. Empyrion is playable via LAN or online, so make sure everyone is connected to the same network or has a reliable internet connection.

To invite friends, start by creating a multiplayer game session. Choose “New Game” from the main menu and select the desired settings such as world type, difficulty, and map size. Once the game session is created, click on “Invite Friends” or open the console and type in “/invite [friend’s name].”

Your friends can join the session by either accepting the invitation or manually joining. They can do this by selecting “Join Game” from the main menu, searching for your game session, and selecting it to join.

Once all players are in the game, they can enjoy exploring the universe, collaborating on various tasks, building bases, and engaging in combat together.

Playing with friends in Empyrion not only enhances the gaming experience but also fosters teamwork and communication, allowing for unforgettable adventures in the vast expanse of space.

Exploring Empyrion’s Cooperative Gameplay

Exploring Empyrion’s cooperative gameplay allows players to team up with their friends and embark on thrilling adventures together. This multiplayer mode allows for seamless collaboration and ensures that everyone has a vital role to play in the success of the mission.

In cooperative gameplay, players can join forces to explore the vast unknown universe of Empyrion. They can work together to gather resources, build impressive bases, and develop advanced technologies. This mode emphasizes teamwork and communication, as players will need to coordinate their efforts to survive in hostile environments and defend against alien threats.

From scouting new planets to engaging in epic battles against formidable enemies, cooperative gameplay offers an immersive and dynamic experience for players. Sharing the workload and dividing tasks among friends can make progress more efficient and enjoyable.

To make the most of Empyrion’s cooperative gameplay, players should communicate effectively and assign roles based on individual strengths. This will optimize the team’s efficiency and ensure that everyone has a unique contribution to the group’s success. So grab your friends and dive into the cooperative gameplay of Empyrion for an unforgettable multiplayer experience.

Collaborating On Base-Building And Resource Gathering

In Empyrion, working together with friends can greatly enhance your base-building and resource gathering efforts. Building a strong and well-equipped base is crucial for survival in the game, and teaming up with friends can make the process more efficient and enjoyable.

To collaborate on base-building, start by designating specific tasks to each player. This can include gathering resources, constructing different sections of the base, or managing the overall layout and design. Communication is key here, as it allows for better coordination and prevents duplication of efforts.

Resource gathering is also a vital aspect of Empyrion. Assigning roles to players, such as miners, excavators, or explorers, can help optimize resource collection. Work together to find resource-rich areas, share information about valuable loot, and establish supply chains within your group.

Additionally, sharing blueprints and building plans can significantly speed up the base-building process. Encourage your friends to contribute their unique ideas and designs, fostering a creative and collaborative environment.

By collaborating on base-building and resource gathering, you and your friends can create a formidable stronghold and ensure a steady supply of essential materials, giving you a competitive advantage in the challenging universe of Empyrion.

Participating In Multiplayer Combat And PvP Events

In Empyrion, multiplayer combat and PvP events offer an exhilarating and competitive gaming experience. Engaging in combat with friends can add another layer of excitement to your gameplay. Whether you decide to team up and explore the dangerous environments together or engage in intense player versus player battles, multiplayer combat in Empyrion rewards strategic thinking and teamwork.

To participate in multiplayer combat and PvP events, you can join existing servers or set up your own. Joining PvP-focused servers allows you to test your skills against other players and experience thrilling battles. Alternatively, creating your own dedicated server gives you control over the rules, allowing you to customize the PvP experience according to your preferences.

To improve your chances in combat, it is vital to gather resources, construct advanced weaponry, and create well-defended bases. Coordinating with your friends during battles, employing diverse combat roles, and utilizing effective communication strategies will also give you an edge over your opponents.

Remember to keep a balance between cooperation with your friends and fierce competitiveness during PvP events. By doing so, you can enjoy the action-packed combat while strengthening your bonds with your fellow players.

Tips for enhancing teamwork and communication in Empyrion

In Empyrion, teamwork and communication are essential for a successful gaming experience. Here are some tips to enhance your teamwork and communication skills while playing with friends:

1. Establish clear roles: Assign specific tasks to each team member. This will improve efficiency and reduce confusion during gameplay.

2. Use voice chat: Utilize the in-game voice chat or third-party communication tools like Discord to stay connected with your team. Clear and real-time communication can make a huge difference in critical situations.

3. Share information: Constantly share important information, such as enemy locations, resources, and base-related updates. This will help your team make informed decisions and stay coordinated.

4. Plan and strategize: Before embarking on missions or engaging in combat, devise a plan with your team. Discuss strategies, assign roles, and anticipate potential obstacles. A well-thought-out plan increases the chances of success.

5. Practice coordination: Practice and familiarize yourselves with each team member’s strengths, weaknesses, and play styles. This will allow you to synchronize your actions and optimize your gameplay.

6. Maintain a positive attitude: Encourage and support your team members. Positivity and motivation can go a long way in boosting morale and fostering a sense of unity.

7. Learn from mistakes: When things go wrong, analyze the situation together and learn from mistakes. Adapt your strategies and continuously improve your teamwork and communication skills.

By implementing these tips, you and your friends can achieve a higher level of teamwork and coordination in Empyrion, leading to a more enjoyable and successful gaming experience.


1. How do I invite friends to play Empyrion?

To invite friends to play Empyrion, you first need to ensure that you and your friends have the game installed on your respective computers. Once installed, launch the game, select “Multiplayer” from the main menu, and then choose “Create Game.” Fill in the necessary details and click on “Start Game.” Finally, share the server IP address and password with your friends, allowing them to join your game and play together.

2. What are the different multiplayer options available in Empyrion?

Empyrion offers three multiplayer options: Cooperative, Creative, and PvP (Player vs. Player). In Cooperative mode, you and your friends can work together to build bases, explore planets, and defeat enemies. Creative mode allows for unfettered creativity, enabling you to focus on building without the constraints of resources or enemies. PvP mode is for players who prefer competitive gameplay, letting you engage in battles against other players and their bases.

3. How can I effectively communicate and coordinate with friends in Empyrion?

Empyrion offers built-in voice chat functionality, making communication with your friends seamless. To use this feature, press the “T” key while in-game to open the text chat, and then press “Caps Lock” to enable voice chat. You can also create a group by pressing “O,” allowing you and your friends to stay organized and coordinate actions. Additionally, using third-party applications like Discord can enhance the gaming experience by providing an additional platform for voice communication.

4. Can I customize the gameplay experience when playing with friends?

Yes, Empyrion allows for a customizable gameplay experience when playing with friends. You have the option to adjust various game settings, such as the difficulty level, resource availability, and enemy aggressiveness. These settings can be modified before starting a new game or adjusted during gameplay by accessing the game’s settings menu. By tailoring these settings to your preferences, you can create a unique and enjoyable experience for you and your friends in Empyrion.

Final Words

In conclusion, playing with friends on Empyrion offers a unique and immersive gaming experience. By following the steps provided in this comprehensive guide, players can easily connect and collaborate with their friends, exploring the vast universe together. From building bases to engaging in intense space battles, Empyrion fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. So, gather your friends, embark on a thrilling adventure, and let the journey begin in this extraordinary game.

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