How to Turn On AR Mode in Pokemon Go on iPhone: A Quick Tutorial

Pokemon Go, the incredibly popular augmented reality (AR) mobile game, has revolutionized the way we interact with the Pokemon world. With the introduction of AR Mode, players can now fully immerse themselves in the virtual world, bringing their favorite Pokemon to life right in front of their eyes. In this quick tutorial, we will guide you through the simple steps on how to turn on AR Mode in Pokemon Go on your iPhone, allowing you to experience the game in a whole new and captivating way.

Preparing Your IPhone: Ensuring Compatibility And Updating Your Device

Before diving into Pokemon Go’s AR Mode, it’s essential to ensure that your iPhone is compatible with this feature and update your device if necessary. Not all iPhones support augmented reality, so it’s crucial to check if your iPhone meets the requirements.

To check compatibility, visit the official Apple website and search for the ARKit compatibility list. This list will provide you with information about which iPhone models are compatible with this technology. If your iPhone is not compatible, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use AR Mode in Pokemon Go.

Assuming your iPhone is compatible, it’s crucial to update your device to the latest iOS version. Updates often include improvements that enhance the AR experience and fix any bugs or issues. To update your iPhone, go to the “Settings” app, click on “General,” and select “Software Update.” If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

By ensuring compatibility and updating your iPhone, you’ll be ready to venture into the exciting world of Pokemon Go’s AR Mode.

Accessing The AR Mode: Finding The Feature And Enabling It In The Pokemon Go App

To experience the thrill of augmented reality (AR) while playing Pokemon Go on your iPhone, you need to enable the AR mode within the app. Follow these simple steps to access and turn on AR mode:

1. Launch the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone.
2. On the main screen, tap on the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen to open the menu.
3. Next, tap on the “Settings” option located at the top right corner of the screen.
4. In the settings menu, scroll down and find the “AR+” option. Tap on it to access the AR+ settings.
5. On the AR+ settings screen, you can enable or disable the AR feature by toggling the switch beside “Enable AR+”. Ensure that the switch is turned on for AR mode to work.
6. Once you have enabled AR+, close the settings menu by tapping on the “X” located at the top right corner of the screen.
7. Return to the main screen, and you will now see the AR option available when encountering Pokemon in the wild.

By following these steps, you will be able to easily access and turn on the AR mode in Pokemon Go on your iPhone, enhancing your gameplay experience with the immersive feature.

Mastering The AR Settings: Adjusting The Camera And AR Preferences For Optimal Gameplay

Mastering the AR settings is essential to make the most out of your Pokemon Go AR experience on your iPhone. By adjusting the camera and AR preferences, you can enhance the immersion and optimize the gameplay.

To begin with, open the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone and tap on the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, select the “Settings” option from the menu.

In the settings menu, you will find the “AR+” option. Enable this feature to access the enhanced AR experience. AR+ introduces more realistic Pokemon encounters and enables you to physically walk around the Pokemon for a better view.

Next, adjust the camera settings by tapping on the “Camera” option. You can choose between the “AR+” mode, where Pokemon are anchored in the real world, or the “Fixed” mode, where Pokemon stay in one place on the screen.

Moreover, you can enable or disable the AR mode altogether by toggling the “AR” button in the Pokemon encounter screen. Disabling AR mode may conserve battery life, but it will eliminate the augmented reality experience.

By mastering the AR settings, you can customize your Pokemon Go gameplay to suit your preferences and enjoy a more immersive experience.

Catching Pokemon In AR Mode: Tips And Tricks For Capturing Pokemon Using Augmented Reality

Catching Pokemon in AR Mode adds a whole new level of excitement to your Pokemon Go gameplay. By using your iPhone camera, you can see Pokemon in the real world and try to catch them as if they were actually there. Here are some tips and tricks to help you become a master at capturing Pokemon in AR Mode.

1. Find a stable surface: To ensure a smooth AR experience, find a flat and stable surface to place your iPhone. This will ensure that the Pokemon stays in place and doesn’t jitter or move around too much.

2. Move around: Don’t be afraid to physically move around to get a better angle or position for capturing the Pokemon. Use your surroundings to your advantage, whether it’s crouching down or walking closer to the Pokemon.

3. Use your touch screen: When capturing a Pokemon, use your touch screen to aim and throw Pokeballs. Slide your finger upwards to throw the ball and try to hit the Pokemon in the center for a higher chance of success.

4. Experiment with different angles: Sometimes, capturing a Pokemon requires you to find the perfect angle. Try tilting your iPhone up, down, or from side to side to find the best position for capturing the Pokemon.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you play in AR Mode, the better you’ll become at capturing Pokemon with precision and style. So get out there and start catching them all in augmented reality!

Exploring AR+: Understanding The Enhanced AR Experience And Its Features

AR+ is an enhanced version of the AR Mode in Pokemon Go that brings the Pokemon into the real world with increased accuracy and interactivity. This mode uses ARKit on compatible iPhone models to create a more immersive experience for trainers.

One of the main features of AR+ is the increased accuracy in sizing and positioning of Pokemon. This means that the Pokemon will appear to be more realistically sized and will interact with the environment in a more natural way. For example, a Charizard may appear to be perched on a tree or a Pikachu might scamper around your living room.

Another feature of AR+ is the ability for Pokemon to react to your movements. As you approach a Pokemon, it may become aware of your presence and react accordingly. It could become curious and approach you or become startled and run away. This adds an extra layer of realism to the gameplay and makes the catching experience more exciting.

Additionally, AR+ introduces a new capture bonus called the Expert Handler bonus. This bonus rewards trainers who are able to sneak up close to Pokemon without startling them. By carefully and quietly approaching a Pokemon, you can earn bonus XP and increased chances of capturing it.

In conclusion, AR+ in Pokemon Go offers a more immersive and realistic AR experience with enhanced Pokemon interactions and increased accuracy. It brings the Pokemon into the real world in a way that has never been seen before in the game, making the gameplay even more exciting and engaging.

Troubleshooting AR Mode: Common Issues And Solutions When Encountering Problems

When using AR mode in Pokemon Go on your iPhone, you may encounter some issues that can hinder your gameplay. Fortunately, there are several common problems that have simple solutions.

One common issue is that the AR mode fails to turn on, or it turns off unexpectedly. To fix this, ensure that your device meets the game’s compatibility requirements and that your iPhone’s operating system is up to date. Additionally, go to the Pokemon Go settings and make sure the AR mode is enabled.

Another problem may occur when the Pokemon fail to appear in the correct position or don’t appear at all. This can be resolved by recalibrating your device’s compass and gyroscope. To do this, open the Compass app on your iPhone and wave it in a figure-eight motion for a few seconds. This should reorient the sensors and improve the accuracy of AR positioning.

If you’re experiencing lag or stuttering in AR mode, try closing any other resource-intensive apps running in the background. This will free up memory and processing power for Pokemon Go, improving its performance.

In some cases, the AR mode may drain your battery quickly. To conserve battery life, dim your screen brightness and consider enabling battery-saving mode in the Pokemon Go settings. You can also bring a portable power bank to ensure your device doesn’t run out of power during extended gameplay sessions.

By troubleshooting these common AR mode issues, you can enjoy a smoother and more immersive Pokemon Go experience on your iPhone.

Enhancing Your AR Experience: Utilizing Other Apps And Accessories For A More Immersive Gameplay

With Pokemon Go’s AR mode, you can already experience the thrill of catching Pokemon in the real world. But did you know that you can further enhance your AR experience by using other apps and accessories? Here are some ways to take your gameplay to the next level:

1. AR+ Extensions: Pokemon Go offers AR+ extensions that allow you to interact with Pokemon in even more dynamic and realistic ways. These extensions use advanced AR technology to make the Pokemon blend more seamlessly with the environment. Keep an eye out for Pokemon rustling in the grass or hiding behind objects!

2. Pokemon Go Plus: This nifty accessory, when connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, allows you to catch Pokemon and collect items with just a press of a button. It enhances your AR experience by providing a more convenient and hands-free gameplay option.

3. Third-Party AR apps: Some third-party AR apps can enhance your Pokemon Go experience by providing additional features like 3D maps of PokeStops, allowing you to plan your route more efficiently, or even giving you a heads-up on nearby rare Pokemon spawns.

By utilizing these apps and accessories, you can take your Pokemon Go AR experience to new heights. Get ready to catch ’em all in a more immersive and exciting way!


1. How do I activate AR mode in Pokemon Go on iPhone?

To activate AR mode in Pokemon Go on your iPhone, simply launch the app and tap on the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen. Next, go to “Settings” and toggle the AR switch to turn it on. Now, when you encounter Pokemon, they will appear in augmented reality mode.

2. Can I use AR mode on any iPhone model?

AR mode in Pokemon Go is available on iPhone models that support Apple’s ARKit, which includes iPhone 6S and newer devices. If your iPhone is compatible, you can enjoy the augmented reality experience while playing the game.

3. Is it necessary to use AR mode in Pokemon Go?

No, using AR mode is not necessary to play Pokemon Go. It is an optional feature that enhances the gameplay experience by overlaying Pokemon onto the real world. You can choose to play the game without AR mode if you prefer a simpler interface or if your device doesn’t support it.

4. Can I switch between AR mode and non-AR mode during gameplay?

Yes, you can switch between AR mode and non-AR mode while playing Pokemon Go. When you encounter a Pokemon, there will be a toggle button on the capture screen that allows you to turn off or on the AR mode. This way, you have the flexibility to use either mode based on your preference or the circumstances you are in.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, activating AR mode in Pokémon Go on an iPhone is a simple process that enhances the gaming experience by integrating virtual Pokémon into the real world. By following the tutorial above, players can seamlessly switch on AR mode and immerse themselves in new levels of excitement and interaction with their favorite Pokémon characters. With AR mode enabled, players can now embark on their Pokémon journey with a more realistic and engaging gameplay.

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