Is Laravel Jetstream Free: Everything You Need to Know

Laravel Jetstream, a popular application scaffolding for the Laravel framework, has been making waves in the web development community. Designed to streamline the process of building robust web applications, Jetstream provides a powerful foundation for developers to create, manage, and authenticate user accounts and teams. With its sleek design and comprehensive features, many developers have been wondering whether Jetstream comes at a cost or if it is entirely free to use.

In this article, we will dive into the topic of whether Laravel Jetstream is free and explore everything you need to know about its pricing and offerings. Whether you are a seasoned Laravel developer looking to adopt Jetstream for your next project or an aspiring web developer curious about its features, this article will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the costs and benefits of using Laravel Jetstream in your development workflow.

Overview of Laravel Jetstream’s Features

Laravel Jetstream is a robust application scaffolding tool created by the Laravel framework. It provides a solid foundation for building modern Laravel applications with features such as user authentication, two-factor authentication, and team management.

Jetstream comes with several pre-built features that make development faster and more efficient. It includes a customizable dashboard with user profiles and profile pictures, team management functionality, and an API-driven architecture. Moreover, Jetstream supports popular frontend frameworks like Livewire and Inertia.

With Jetstream, developers can quickly set up user authentication, password reset, and email verification. It also offers two-factor authentication out of the box, ensuring an extra layer of security for user accounts.

Furthermore, Jetstream includes a clear separation between backend and frontend code, allowing developers to focus on building their application’s logic. It provides a smooth and enjoyable development experience with its easy-to-use and customizable components.

In short, Laravel Jetstream is a feature-rich application scaffolding tool that helps developers rapidly build modern, secure, and scalable web applications with minimal effort.

Pricing and Availability of Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is a powerful application scaffolding tool that comes in both free and paid versions. It is designed to provide developers with a seamless authentication system and a solid foundation for building robust web applications. When it comes to pricing and availability, Jetstream offers a lot of flexibility to meet the needs of different developers.

The free version of Jetstream is available to everyone and includes key features like user authentication, email verification, and two-factor authentication. This version is perfect for small projects and hobbyists who want to kickstart their development process without any additional cost.

On the other hand, Jetstream’s paid version‚Äîknown as Jetstream PRO‚Äîoffers even more advanced features and additional functionality. The paid version includes everything in the free version, along with features like team management, API support, and role-based permissions. It also provides priority bug fixes and direct access to the Laravel team. The pricing for Jetstream PRO starts at a reasonable monthly subscription fee.

Laravel Jetstream’s pricing and availability make it an attractive choice for developers of all levels. Whether you opt for the free version or decide to unlock the enhanced features of Jetstream PRO, it offers a solid foundation for building modern web applications.

Exploring the Free Features of Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream, a popular PHP framework, offers developers a sleek and efficient way to build web applications. While it does have a paid version, it also provides a range of free features that are worth exploring.

One of the primary free features of Laravel Jetstream is its authentication system. It comes with ready-to-use login and registration functionality, making it easy for developers to handle user authentication without having to write extensive code from scratch. This saves significant time and effort.

Additionally, Jetstream offers two-factor authentication (2FA) out of the box for enhanced security. This feature adds an extra layer of protection by requiring users to provide a second form of authentication, such as a code generated on their smartphone.

Another noteworthy free feature is Jetstream’s team management functionality. It allows users to create and manage teams within their applications, granting different permissions and roles to team members as needed. This is particularly useful for applications that require collaboration between multiple users, such as project management or CRM systems.

Overall, Laravel Jetstream’s free features provide developers with a solid foundation to build secure and collaborative web applications efficiently.

### Comparing Jetstream’s Free and Paid Versions

Laravel Jetstream offers both free and paid versions, giving developers the flexibility to choose the features that best suit their needs. In this section, we will compare the features available in Jetstream’s free and paid versions.

The free version of Jetstream provides a solid foundation for building web applications. It includes essential features like user registration, login, and email verification. Developers can also take advantage of two-factor authentication, which enhances the security of user accounts.

However, the paid version of Jetstream, known as Jetstream Pro, offers additional premium features that further enhance the development experience. These features include team management functionalities, such as inviting and removing team members, and robust API support. Jetstream Pro also provides the ability to customize the appearance of the authentication scaffolding.

When deciding between the free and paid versions of Jetstream, developers should carefully consider their project requirements and the additional features offered by Jetstream Pro. While the free version is suitable for many applications, the paid version can provide added convenience and efficiency for larger and more complex projects.

Overall, Laravel Jetstream offers a range of features in both its free and paid versions, ensuring developers have access to the tools they need to build secure and scalable web applications.

Evaluating the Value of Laravel Jetstream for Developers

Laravel Jetstream is a powerful tool for developers looking to streamline their workflow and enhance their productivity. This section will delve into the value that Jetstream brings to the table and why it is worth considering for developers.

Jetstream offers a wide range of features that can significantly boost a developer’s efficiency. Its robust authentication system, which includes two-factor authentication, is a crucial aspect of any modern web application. Jetstream also provides API support, making it easier for developers to integrate different services and create more dynamic applications.

Furthermore, Jetstream offers an intuitive user interface for managing account settings, two-factor authentication, and session management. It also provides a flexible team management system, allowing developers to collaborate seamlessly with their colleagues.

The value of Jetstream extends beyond its feature set. It provides a solid foundation for developers to build on, saving them time and effort. With its clean and elegant codebase, Jetstream promotes best practices and encourages developers to write high-quality, maintainable code.

Overall, Jetstream offers immense value to developers by simplifying common development tasks, providing a secure authentication system, and promoting best coding practices. Its feature-rich nature and developer-friendly environment make it an invaluable tool for any Laravel developer.

Conclusion: Making an Informed Decision About Laravel Jetstream

In this section, we will summarize the key points discussed throughout the article and help readers make an informed decision about Laravel Jetstream.

Laravel Jetstream, an advanced application scaffolding package, offers a range of features and benefits for developers. As mentioned earlier, Jetstream comes in both free and paid versions, catering to developers of different needs and budgets.

Throughout the article, we explored the features offered by Laravel Jetstream, delved into its pricing and availability, and compared the free and paid versions to showcase their differences. We also discussed the value Jetstream brings to developers, with its streamlined authentication system, multi-factor authentication, and team collaboration features.

Ultimately, when deciding whether to use Laravel Jetstream, developers should consider their project requirements, budget, and desired level of customization. The free version provides essential features and can be an excellent choice for smaller projects or those on a tight budget. However, the premium version offers additional features and a higher level of customization, making it ideal for larger or complex applications.

By understanding the features, pricing, and value proposition of Laravel Jetstream, developers can make an informed decision that aligns with their project needs and goals.


1. Is Laravel Jetstream free to use?

Yes, Laravel Jetstream is free and open-source. You can use it for your projects without any cost.

2. What features does Laravel Jetstream provide?

Laravel Jetstream offers features like user authentication, email verification, two-factor authentication, team management, API support, and support for popular front-end frameworks like Inertia.js and Livewire.

3. Can I customize Laravel Jetstream according to my needs?

Yes, you can easily customize Laravel Jetstream to match your specific requirements. It provides a robust foundation for building applications and offers flexibility for customization.

4. Is Laravel Jetstream suitable for large-scale projects?

Absolutely! Laravel Jetstream is designed to handle large-scale projects. It offers features like team management, which makes it convenient to handle complex projects involving multiple users and roles.

5. Does Laravel Jetstream work well with Laravel’s Eloquent ORM?

Yes, Laravel Jetstream works seamlessly with Laravel’s Eloquent ORM. It integrates well with Laravel’s database management features, making it easier to handle data persistence in your projects.

Final Words

In conclusion, Laravel Jetstream is indeed a free package that offers a seamless authentication system and a beautifully designed user interface. It is a highly flexible and customizable solution that caters to the needs of various web applications. The package provides not only easy implementation but also a range of useful features such as two-factor authentication, session management, and API support. Laravel Jetstream offers a great value for developers who are looking for a robust authentication system without the hassle of building one from scratch.

Overall, Laravel Jetstream is a fantastic tool for developers who want to save time and effort when creating authentication systems for their web applications. With its user-friendly interface, extensive documentation, and active community, Laravel Jetstream is a compelling choice for those seeking a convenient and reliable package. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, Laravel Jetstream provides the necessary tools to create secure and efficient authentication systems, all without the need to purchase additional licenses or pay for premium features.

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