Sony Pauses PS VR2 Production Amid Growing Unsold Inventory

Amid a surplus of unsold units and declining shipments, Sony has made the decision to halt production of its PS VR2 headset, a virtual reality accessory for the PlayStation 5. With over 2 million units manufactured since its launch in February of last year, the company is faced with a backlog of inventory as sales continue to slow. This move reflects doubts about the appeal of virtual reality gadgets and highlights the challenges faced by leading purveyors in this niche market. Sony’s decision to pause production comes at a time when the virtual reality landscape is in flux, with Apple’s recent entry into the market also impacting the industry’s future trajectory.

Sony’s strategy with unsold inventory and halted production

Production of Sony’s PS VR2 headset has been paused as the company works to clear a backlog of unsold units, with over 2 million produced since its launch in February of last year. Stocks of the $550 wearable accessory for PlayStation 5 have been building up, leading to the temporary halt in production as sales have declined each quarter since its debut. Sony is also exploring the possibility of allowing PS VR2 players to access PC titles to attract more users.

Industry experts’ forecasts for the VR market

To shed light on the future of the VR market, IDC predicts a 31.5% average annual growth between 2023 and 2028, despite the current challenges facing virtual reality gadgets. The high development costs for VR games and limited content available for these devices are cited as major hurdles preventing wider adoption. While Sony and other companies in the VR space face certain obstacles, experts see potential for growth in the industry over the coming years, especially with the entrance of tech giants like Apple.

Comparison with other VR platforms and content issues

Sony PS VR2Apple Vision Pro
Sony has paused production due to backlog of unsold units, indicating slowing sales since launch.Apple’s Vision Pro debuted without tailored apps from key entertainment platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

While Sony’s PS VR2 struggles to maintain sales momentum, specifically due to a limited content lineup and high price point, Apple’s Vision Pro has faced similar challenges with content availability, hindering widespread consumer adoption.

Sony’s closure of PlayStation London and layoffs impacts

Issues arose when Sony recently announced the closure of its PlayStation London division, which focused on VR game development, impacting in-house studios like Guerrilla Games. This move was part of a wider set of layoffs and could potentially affect the release of exclusive titles such as Horizon Call of the Mountain in the PS VR2 ecosystem.

Analyst insights on VR hardware market hurdles

Little. Macquarie analyst Yijia Zhai points out that the high price of VR hardware remains a major obstacle to its widespread adoption, with limited game support further deterring potential buyers. The development cost for VR games is significantly higher than traditional titles, leading to a lack of motivation for players to invest in VR hardware.

Sony’s efforts to expand PS VR2 content and PC compatibility

Little. Sony is actively working on expanding the range of content available on the PS VR2 headset and is currently testing the ability for players to access PC titles. Amid declining shipments and a surplus of unsold units, these efforts aim to enhance the appeal of the device and attract a wider audience to the virtual reality platform.

hardware. In addition to expanding content offerings, Sony’s focus on enabling PS VR2 players to access PC titles signals a strategic move to broaden the headset’s appeal and attract more users. This initiative aligns with the company’s efforts to address challenges in the VR market, such as limited game support and high hardware costs, in order to drive growth and improve the overall user experience.


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