What Do You Do With Old Outdated Cell Phones? Discover Creative Ways to Repurpose Them!

In today’s fast-paced world, technology seems to be evolving at an unprecedented rate. Newer versions of cell phones with improved features and functionalities are hitting the market every year, leading many individuals to upgrade their devices frequently. As a result, old and outdated cell phones often end up collecting dust in drawers or getting tossed into electronic waste bins. However, what if there were alternative ways to breathe new life into these discarded devices? In this article, we will explore various creative and practical ways you can repurpose your old cell phones, giving them a new lease on life and minimizing electronic waste.

The rapid technological advancements in the smartphone industry have rendered many older models obsolete. But don’t be so quick to throw them away! There are several unexpected and innovative ways to repurpose old cell phones, allowing you to reduce waste while also getting the most out of your outdated devices. From turning them into dedicated music players to transforming them into security cameras or digital photo frames, the possibilities are numerous. Join us as we delve into these imaginative ideas and discover how to unlock the hidden potential of your outdated cell phones.

Donate your old cell phone to organizations that accept electronic donations

Donating your old cell phone to organizations that accept electronic donations is a great way to repurpose your outdated device while helping others in need. Many organizations, such as charities and non-profit groups, collect old cell phones and refurbish them for individuals who may not have access to a phone otherwise.

By donating your old phone, you are contributing to reducing electronic waste and providing a useful device for someone who may benefit greatly from it. These organizations often distribute the phones to individuals in low-income communities, domestic violence survivors, or even military personnel stationed overseas.

Before donating, ensure that you have erased all personal data from the device and removed the SIM card. Additionally, remember to include any accessories you no longer need, such as chargers or cases. Research local organizations or charity programs that accept electronic donations, and reach out to them to find out how you can contribute to their cause. It is a simple way to give back and make a positive impact on someone’s life.

Transform your old phone into a dedicated music player

When your old cell phone can no longer keep up with the latest technology, it doesn’t mean it has lost all its value. One of the best creative ways to repurpose an outdated phone is to transform it into a dedicated music player. With a few simple steps, you can breathe new life into your old device and enjoy your favorite tunes whenever you want.

First, wipe your old phone clean of all unnecessary applications and files to free up storage space for your music library. Next, download a music streaming app or transfer your favorite songs directly onto your phone. Connect a pair of headphones or speakers, and voila! You have a portable music player ready to go.

Using your old phone as a dedicated music player has several advantages. It allows you to preserve the battery life of your current phone, as well as save storage space for other essential apps and files. Additionally, you can utilize the device’s built-in functionality, such as a music equalizer, to enhance your listening experience.

So, rather than letting your old phone gather dust, repurpose it as a dedicated music player and enjoy your favorite tunes in a whole new way.

3. Turn your outdated phone into a surveillance camera or baby monitor

Repurposing your old outdated phone into a surveillance camera or a baby monitor can provide an affordable and convenient solution for keeping an eye on your home or little one. With the advancement of technology, transforming your smartphone into a security camera or baby monitor is easier than ever.

First, you will need to download a reliable surveillance or baby monitoring app on both your old phone and your new device. There are several free and paid options available on app stores, such as Manything, Alfred, or Dormi. Install the app on your old phone and sign in to create an account.

Next, position your old phone in the desired location. For surveillance, you can mount it on a wall with a phone holder or simply place it on a stable surface. If you are using it as a baby monitor, position it near your baby’s crib or cot.

Ensure that the old phone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network so that it can stream live video and audio to your new device. Additionally, adjust the settings within the app to receive notifications for any detected movement or sound.

By repurposing your old phone into a surveillance camera or baby monitor, you can achieve peace of mind knowing that you can always keep an eye on your home or little one, even when you’re not physically present.

Convert your old cell phone into a makeshift e-reader

Nowadays, with the massive popularity of digital books and the convenience of e-readers, many people are finding that their old cell phones can be repurposed into handy makeshift e-readers. By converting your outdated phone into an e-reader, you can enjoy a vast library of books right at your fingertips without the need for an additional device.

To repurpose your old cell phone as an e-reader, start by clearing off any unnecessary apps and files to free up storage space. Next, download an e-reading app such as Kindle, iBooks, or Nook onto your phone. These apps provide access to a wide variety of e-books that can be easily purchased or downloaded for free.

Once you have installed the e-reading app, customize your reading experience by adjusting the font size, background color, and brightness to your preference. You can also organize your e-books into different categories or create virtual bookshelves to keep track of your reading list.

By repurposing your old cell phone into a makeshift e-reader, you not only give it a new lease on life but also enhance your reading experience while enjoying the eco-friendly benefits of digital books.

Repurpose your old phone as a remote control for various devices

Do you constantly find yourself juggling multiple remote controls for your TV, sound system, and other devices? Why not repurpose your old, outdated cell phone into a universal remote control? With the right apps and settings, your old phone can serve as a convenient and versatile device to control various electronics in your home.

Start by downloading an app that turns your phone into a remote control, such as Peel Smart Remote or AnyMote. These apps allow you to control not only your TV but also other devices like DVD players, smart home devices, and even air conditioners. Simply connect your old phone to your home Wi-Fi network and follow the instructions provided by the app to set it up.

Using your repurposed phone as a remote control not only reduces clutter but also adds convenience to your daily life. You can even customize the layout and functions of your virtual remote control, making it easier to switch between devices or perform specific actions.

So, instead of letting your old phone collect dust in a drawer, give it a new purpose as a universal remote control and streamline your entertainment experience.

Use your outdated phone as a backup device for emergencies

In times of emergencies, having a backup communication device can be crucial. Your outdated cell phone can serve as a reliable backup device in case your main phone fails or is out of battery. By keeping it charged and ready, you can ensure that you have a means of communication during emergencies, such as natural disasters or power outages.

To repurpose your old phone as an emergency backup device, you should remove the SIM card from your current phone and insert it into the old one. This will allow you to make calls and send messages using your existing phone number. Additionally, make sure to download important emergency apps such as weather updates, flashlight, first aid, and emergency contact information.

Having a backup phone guarantees that you have a lifeline to call for help or inform your loved ones about your well-being. Remember to keep it charged, check its functionality periodically, and store it in a safe and easily accessible place. Don’t let your outdated phone gather dust when it can potentially save the day in unexpected situations.


1. What are some creative ways to repurpose old outdated cell phones?

There are several exciting possibilities for repurposing old cell phones. Some popular options include turning them into a dedicated music player, converting them into a surveillance camera, transforming them into a dedicated e-reader, using them as a remote control for smart home devices, or donating them to organizations that refurbish and distribute them to those in need.

2. Can I repurpose an old cell phone as a security system?

Absolutely! With the help of some apps and software available, you can repurpose an old cell phone into a surveillance camera. By installing these apps and connecting the device to Wi-Fi, you can monitor your home remotely and receive motion detection alerts.

3. How can I turn my old cell phone into a dedicated music player?

Repurposing an outdated cell phone as a dedicated music player is straightforward. Simply remove the sim card, connect the phone to Wi-Fi, and download your preferred music streaming apps or transfer your music library onto the device. You can also connect it to speakers or headphones using either Bluetooth or an audio jack adapter.

4. Are there any charitable organizations that accept old cell phone donations?

Yes, many charitable organizations, such as Cell Phones For Soldiers, Verizon’s Hopeline, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, accept donations of old cell phones. These organizations refurbish the devices and distribute them to people in need or sell them to fund their programs and services.

5. Can I repurpose an old cell phone as a dedicated e-reader?

Absolutely! If you have an old cell phone with a decent-sized screen, you can easily repurpose it as a dedicated e-reader. Install e-book reading apps like Kindle, Nook, or Google Play Books and enjoy reading your favorite books digitally without the need for a separate e-reader device.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is clear that there are numerous creative ways to repurpose old outdated cell phones. By finding alternative uses for these devices, we can not only reduce electronic waste and its environmental impact but also take advantage of their capabilities in various innovative ways. From transforming them into dedicated music or gaming devices to utilizing them as surveillance cameras or remote controls, the possibilities are endless. It is essential that we explore these options and encourage others to do the same to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and make the most of our technological advancements.

Moreover, repurposing old cell phones also presents economic benefits for individuals and communities. By repurposing these devices, we can save money by avoiding the need to purchase new gadgets for specific tasks. Additionally, programs and initiatives that facilitate the repurposing of old cell phones can create job opportunities and foster local entrepreneurship, further benefiting the economy. Therefore, instead of simply discarding outdated cell phones, it is crucial to consider repurposing them and unlock their untapped potential, leading to a more sustainable and economically viable future.

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