Where Are Lumps of Meat MHW: Locating the Valuable Resources in Monster Hunter World

In the world of Monster Hunter World, players are faced with the daunting task of locating valuable resources, including lumps of meat. These precious morsels are not only sought after for their nutritional value but also for their use in crafting essential items and improving character attributes. So, where exactly can these lumps of meat be found? Join us as we delve into the depths of Monster Hunter World to uncover the secret locations and techniques for acquiring these valuable resources.

The Basics of Locating Lumps of Meat

Understanding the basics of locating lumps of meat is essential for hunters in Monster Hunter World. Meat is a valuable resource used for various purposes, including crafting and upgrading weapons and armor. In order to efficiently gather meat, hunters must first know where to find it.

One common source of meat is the large monsters found throughout the game. When defeating these monsters, players can carve meat from their carcasses. The amount and quality of meat obtained may vary depending on the monster and the specific body part carved.

Another method of obtaining meat is through gathering points. These are spots in the environment where meat can be found, such as carcasses left behind by other creatures. These gathering points can be located throughout different maps, so exploring thoroughly is crucial.

Additionally, certain regions or biomes may have an abundance of meat. Hunters should prioritize these hunting grounds as they offer a higher chance for successful meat gathering. For example, areas with dense vegetation or where carnivorous monsters reside tend to yield more meat.

By understanding the basics of locating lumps of meat, hunters can efficiently gather this valuable resource and enhance their crafting and upgrading abilities in Monster Hunter World.

Best Hunting Grounds for Meat in Monster Hunter World

The world of Monster Hunter is teeming with various ecosystems and landscapes, each offering unique opportunities for hunters to gather valuable resources. When it comes to locating lumps of meat, certain hunting grounds prove to be more fruitful than others.

1. Ancient Forest: This lush and vibrant locale is not only home to a wide variety of monsters but also an abundant source of meat. Keep an eye out for herbivorous creatures like Aptonoth and Apceros, as they make for easy targets and provide ample amounts of meat.

2. Wildspire Waste: Known for its arid desert and swamplands, Wildspire Waste is an excellent hunting ground for meat enthusiasts. Look for creatures such as Kestodon and Gastodon, which roam these lands. They not only yield meat but also useful materials like bones and hides.

3. Rotten Vale: Despite its grim appearance, the Rotten Vale is a prime location for meat gathering. Large monsters like Girros and Great Girros can be found here, with their kills often attracting scavengers that can be harvested for meat.

Exploring these hunting grounds with patience and diligence will help you amass a substantial collection of meat, ensuring a steady supply for your crafting and upgrading needs in Monster Hunter World.

Tips and Techniques for Efficiently Gathering Meat

When it comes to gathering meat in Monster Hunter World, efficiency is key. This subheading will provide you with valuable tips and techniques to ensure you make the most out of your meat-gathering expeditions.

Firstly, it is important to note that meat can be obtained from a variety of sources, such as slaying monsters, carving corpses, or capturing creatures. Knowing the most efficient method for obtaining meat from each source is crucial. For example, carving corpses of larger monsters can yield a significant amount of meat, while capturing smaller creatures can provide smaller but still valuable meat resources.

Additionally, mastering the art of tracking can greatly enhance your efficiency in meat gathering. Tracking monsters using their footprints, mucus, or other signs can lead you to areas where they gather, increasing your chances of encountering them and acquiring meat.

Furthermore, understanding the ecosystem of the hunting grounds is key to efficiently gathering meat. Learning the habits of different monsters and their preferred habitats can assist you in planning your hunting trips and targeting areas where meat is more readily available.

Lastly, utilizing the appropriate equipment and tools can make a world of difference. For example, investing in a good carving knife or using special gatherer equipment can increase your meat gathering speed and overall efficiency.

By implementing these tips and techniques, you will become a master at efficiently gathering meat in Monster Hunter World, ensuring a bountiful supply of this valuable resource for all your crafting and upgrading needs.

Understanding the Different Types of Meat and Their Uses

Understanding the different types of meat in Monster Hunter World is essential for efficient resource gathering. There are various types of meat that players can obtain from monsters, each with its own unique properties and uses.

Firstly, there is raw meat, which is the basic type of meat found in the game. Raw meat is primarily used for cooking, as it can be grilled or roasted to provide health restoration and various buffs. It is also a common ingredient in many recipes, making it valuable for players who enjoy culinary pursuits.

Next, there is monster meat, which is obtained from larger monsters. Monster meat is used for crafting and upgrading weapons and armor. Different monsters provide different types of meat, each with its own unique attributes. For example, Rathalos meat may enhance fire-based weapons, while Anjanath meat may enhance attack power.

Lastly, there is the rare cut of meat, which is a highly sought-after resource. Rare meat is often used in high-level weapon and armor upgrades, as well as in special recipes that provide powerful buffs. These cuts of meat can only be obtained from specific monsters or by completing certain quests, making them a valuable and limited resource.

By understanding the different types of meat and their uses, players can make strategic decisions on how to prioritize their resource gathering efforts in Monster Hunter World.

Maximizing Meat Gatherings with Special Skills and Equipment

This subheading focuses on the various skills and equipment in Monster Hunter World that can greatly enhance your meat gathering efficiency. In the world of Monster Hunter, time is of the essence, and having the right skills and equipment can make a significant difference in how quickly and efficiently you gather meat.

One important skill to consider is the “Scoutfly Range Up” skill, which increases the range at which Scoutflies can track and highlight gathering points. This skill will allow you to quickly locate and gather meat, saving you valuable time. Additionally, the “Botanist” skill can be useful as it increases the number of gathered items obtained from bonepiles and plants.

In terms of equipment, the “Ghillie Mantle” is a valuable tool that can temporarily camouflage you, allowing you to approach animals without startling them. This can be particularly helpful when gathering meat from skittish creatures such as Aptonoth or Kestodon.

Other equipment such as the “Capture Net” and “Fishing Rod” can also come in handy when gathering meat from specific sources, such as capturing small animals or catching fish.

By utilizing these special skills and equipment, you can maximize your meat gathering efforts, ensuring a steady supply of valuable resources in Monster Hunter World.

The Importance of Meat in Crafting and Upgrading Weapons and Armor

Meat in Monster Hunter World plays a crucial role in the crafting and upgrading of weapons and armor. As hunters progress through the game, they will quickly realize that their equipment needs constant improvement to face more formidable foes. That’s where meat comes in.

Meat is often used as a key ingredient in various recipes that can enhance weapons and armor. For example, by combining certain cuts of meat with other materials, players can create coatings or coatings that provide temporary boosts to their weapons, such as increased elemental damage or status effects. These enhancements can greatly improve a hunter’s ability to deal with specific monsters and maximize their chances of success.

Additionally, meat can be used to create specialized armor pieces that offer unique abilities and bonuses. Hunters can equip these pieces to tailor their gear to specific hunting strategies or to complement their weapon choice. This versatility gives players the opportunity to experiment with different playstyles and adapt their equipment to the challenges they face.

In conclusion, understanding the value of meat in crafting and upgrading weapons and armor is essential for hunters looking to maximize their potential in Monster Hunter World. By utilizing the right recipes and materials, players can unlock powerful enhancements and tailor their gear to overcome even the toughest of monsters.

Expert Advice on Farming Meat for Sustained Resource Gathering

In Monster Hunter World, farming meat can be a crucial aspect of sustained resource gathering. To ensure a steady supply of this valuable resource, it is essential to follow some expert advice. Firstly, players should focus on hunting large monsters that drop high-quality meat, such as Anjanath or Rathian. These monsters have a higher chance of dropping rare cuts of meat, which can be used for crafting and upgrading weapons and armor.

Additionally, utilizing specific skills and equipment can greatly increase the efficiency of meat farming. For example, the “Carving Master” skill allows hunters to carve meat more quickly, saving valuable time during hunts. Equip the “Ghillie Mantle” to remain undetected while gathering meat, ensuring a safer and uninterrupted farming experience.

Furthermore, it is recommended to explore the optional quests available in the game, as they often offer unique opportunities to gather meat. Some quests specifically focus on hunting monsters known for dropping high-quality meat, providing an excellent chance to stock up on resources.

By following these expert tips, players can effectively farm meat for sustained resource gathering, ensuring a constant supply for crafting and upgrading needs in Monster Hunter World.


Q: What are the lumps of meat in Monster Hunter World?

The lumps of meat in Monster Hunter World are valuable resources that can be obtained from various monsters or animals. These meaty chunks are highly sought after for their use in crafting different items and equipment.

Q: How do I locate lumps of meat in Monster Hunter World?

To locate lumps of meat in Monster Hunter World, you can start by exploring areas with known monster habitats or by participating in specific quests that involve hunting or gathering resources. Additionally, using scoutflies, a tool for tracking items, can assist in finding these valuable meaty resources.

Q: What can I do with lumps of meat in Monster Hunter World?

In Monster Hunter World, lumps of meat have various uses. They can be used as valuable ingredients for cooking, either for creating meals that provide temporary buffs or for grilling the meat to enhance its healing properties. Additionally, they can be used in crafting different items, such as traps or equipment upgrades.

Q: How can I maximize my chances of finding lumps of meat in Monster Hunter World?

To increase your chances of finding lumps of meat in Monster Hunter World, it is recommended to focus on hunting or capturing specific monsters that are known to drop these resources. Additionally, investing in the Botanist skill, which increases the chances of obtaining items from gathering points, can be beneficial in finding more lumps of meat during your expeditions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, locating and collecting the valuable resources in Monster Hunter World, such as lumps of meat, requires a combination of knowledge, observation, and exploration. By understanding the different habitats and behaviors of monsters, players can effectively track and hunt their prey for the desired resources. Utilizing tools like scoutflies and the environmental clues within each area can also greatly contribute to the success of resource gathering. Overall, mastering the art of resource collection is crucial for both survival and progression in the game.

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